Colorado’s campaign finance laws –
a blunt instrument suppressing free speech?

Colorado’s campaign finance laws are frequently used by well-funded special-interest groups as a tool to suppress political speech by grassroots organizations and political campaigns – facilitated by the odd fact that the laws are NOT enforced by the state, but rather by individuals (or organizations) filing complaints (it takes lawyers, time, and money to hold violators accountable for breaking the law).

Since passage of Colorado’s Amendment 27 (adopted as Article XXVIII of the Colorado Constitution) in 2002, the “progressive” Left has effectively waged “lawfare” against opposing organizations, campaigns, and elected officials – imposing costs, tying up resources, generating negative publicity, and occasionally imposing fines and penalties for “infractions” of Colorado’s arcane campaign finance law requirements.

Leftist ‘Lawfare’ campaigns of harassing attacks have encountered no consistently effective resistance – much less any effective counterattacks.  Until now, citizens of Colorado have lacked both Shield and Sword with which to fight back.

Campaign Integrity Watchdog offers 3 tiers of service:

1) Watch over your campaign finance filings to ensure strict compliance & deter lawsuits

2) Guard your campaign against frivolous campaign finance complaints and legal attacks

3) Tenaciously preserve the integrity of the law by doggedly pursuing and prosecuting campaign finance violations

Our mission is to ensure campaign integrity in your campaign (guard and watch) and hold violators accountable to the law (watch, deter, and pursue).


Please note that Campaign Integrity Watchdog is not a law firm, nor are any of our consultants attorneys.  The information contained herein does not constitute legal advice.  If you need legal advice, please contact an attorney.

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