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Pueblo Clerk Pleads Guilty to Four Counts of Campaign Finance Violations — 2 Comments

  1. When is this so called watch dog group going to look into congressman Scott Tiptons campaign finances. Or look into Cory Gardners campaign finances all the Republicans recieved out of state financing yet this watchdog group only seems to go after Democrats that win. Tell what was the motive for going after Gilbert Ortiz. Did Vickhead cry that he didn’t win. Is this politics now accuse someone and make sure they lose the election they won especially if they are Democrat. This watchdog group needs to either investigate both sides or shutup.

  2. Responding to trolls – especially cowardly trolls hiding behind a fake name and E-mail address – can be fun; so here goes.

    1. Campaign Integrity Watchdog “looks into” violations of COLORADO laws, not federal campaign finance violations. Those are enforced by the FEC. Should you have any issues with federal campaign finance violations, you are free to file a complaint with them at http://www.fec.gov

    2. Campaign Integrity Watchdog’s “motives” for “going after” Gilbert Ortiz are simple: CIW believes that our elected officials, particularly those charged with upholding the law, should be held accountable.
    Ortiz violated the law – pleading “guilty” on 4 major counts – and, therefore, was held accountable.

    3. Apparently you are “reading-challenged” – if you peruse our website, or the Secretary of State “TRACER” website, you’ll see cases brought (and won) against violators in both major parties (“R” and “D”).
    So yes – CIW does investigate – and prosecute – “both sides.”
    Perhaps you’d care to “shutup” yourself?