Lawbreaking Lawmaker Dan Pabon Headed Back to Court

Lawbreaking Lawmaker Dan Pabon Headed Back to Court

Serial scofflaw and lawbreaking lawmaker Dan Pabon is headed back to court, this time on multiple counts of willful evasion of the state’s campaign finance disclosure laws (including failure to register and file disclosures for his active candidacy for state senate district 34, and multiple counts of illegally using campaign funds for personal purposes, including a personal vacation trip – to Hawaii).  Who knew that Butters Stotch might be a constitutent?

The latest charges follow a successful prosecution of Pabon for failure to report contributions and failure to return illegally undisclosed contributions this Spring, along with last year’s well-publicized arrest for driving under the influence (DUI).

Indeed, Pabon’s lawbreaking – and efforts to escape accountability and downplay his guilt – showed such a pattern of contempt for the law that the Denver Post called for his resignation from office for attempting to abuse his status as a legislator.

Campaign Integrity Watchdog Director Matt Arnold stated, “Some public officials consistently seem to reject responsibility for their actions and hold themselves outside the law, apparently believing they are unaccountable to the public, and repeatedly abuse the public trust. Persons with such attitudes are unworthy of office and deserve nothing but contempt.”

Pabon has also failed to comply with the Court’s order to return $11,000 in illegally undisclosed contributions, which may be related to the more recent allegations of attempting to double-dip campaign fundraising using his term-limited state house campaign committee to fund his new run for a state senate seat.

“Pabon’s repeated defiance of the law is bad enough in its own right,” continued CIW’s Matt Arnold, “but even worse in light of new evidence showing him to be using his old state house campaign committee – which he kept open ostensibly for “constituent service” – to fundraise for his underground state senate campaign while attempting to illegally double contributions above the allowable limit.  Obviously, if he gave his earlier illegal contributions back, as ordered by the Court, he wouldn’t be able to hit those same contributors for more money this cycle.”

“Even worse, Pabon’s illegal use of campaign funds to pay for his Hawaii vacation can’t sit well with donors asked to cough up another check,” Arnold concluded.  “Contributors might have to ask themselves just what they’re getting for their money.”

FNDP Campaign Finance Complaint 20170817 PDF

Campaign Integrity Watchdog is a non-partisan organization who has taken both legislators, candidates, and other political committees to task on both sides of the aisle.  Earlier this year, CIW won a pair of blockbuster judgments (setting, then surpassing, new records for penalty amounts imposed by courts in campaign finance cases) against sham “social welfare” 501(c)4 organizations formed by two-time failed Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob Beauprez (penalty amount: $17,735) and by ousted former Colorado Republican Party Chair Ryan Call (penalty amount: $23,147,86), respectively.

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