Campaign Integrity Watchdog files Action to Enforce Judgment Against Non-Compliant Bob Beauprez Group Colorado Pioneer Action

Campaign Integrity Watchdog files Action to Enforce Judgment Against Non-Compliant Bob Beauprez Group Colorado Pioneer Action

Following Campaign Integrity Watchdog’s stunning upset victory against the legions of lawyers defending “Both-Ways Bob” Beauprez’s ‘Colorado Pioneer Action’ group after months of pre-trial legal wrangling and a grueling two-day evidentiary hearing, Colorado Pioneer Action’s high-powered (and highly paid) attorneys thought CPA was off the hook after arranging with Bob’s ally Secretary of State Wayne Williams to lay off on enforcing the Court’s ruling and Order.

However, even though Secretary of State Wayne Williams declined to enforce the Court Order, and refused to carry out his mandated constitutional duties to invoice Colorado Pioneer Action for the unpaid penalties and refer the group to collections if unpaid within thirty days of notice, “CIW is not prevented from filing its own enforcement lawsuit, and in fact that’s what the law contemplates when the Secretary fails to act to enforce an ALJ decision” according to Luis Toro of Colorado Ethics Watch.

On Friday 11 August, after Secretary Williams repeatedly failed to act as required by law, Campaign Integrity Watchdog filed the requisite enforcement action in Denver District Court. Colorado Pioneer Action was served with the summons and complaint early this week.

“It is unfortunate that Colorado Pioneer Action’s continued disdain for the law and court order, and the repeated failure of Secretary Williams to carry out his mandated duties to enforce the law, necessitate this enforcement action,” stated Campaign Integrity Watchdog’s Matt Arnold.  “Fortunately, the Colorado Constitution preserves this important right of action to enforce the legal judgment when the responsible government authority fails to act – as required by law.”

“Colorado Pioneer Action’s reliance on their cozy relations with the Secretary of State, and the Secretary’s promise to give his political ally Bob Beauprez’s noncompliant organization a pass, will not save them from having to show cause in court why they are defying the judgment,” continued CIW’s Matt Arnold.  “Further, CPA’s failure to seek a stay of enforcement effectively waives any legitimate claim they might subsequently raise after the fact of CIW’s filing for the enforcement of the Order.”

The enforcement action in district court seeks to compel CPA to pay its fines, register the organization as a political committee, and file required disclosures of financial activity (including identifying its contributors) as ordered by the Administrative Law Judge’s Final Agency Decision (case OS 2016-0014/0030, Campaign Integrity Watchdog v. Colorado Pioneer Action)

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