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Is a Colorado District Attorney Breaking the Law? — 2 Comments

  1. I’m curious why you went after such small fry as Brittny Lewton after you landed a lunker like the Colorado Republican Central Committee with a $10K fine. She didn’t even get fined.

    • CIW “goes after” violators big and small; the quaint notion that those who enforce the law should also follow the law applies.
      Curious as to the source for your statement that “she didn’t even get fined” –
      in fact, she was fined $1,000 for failure to disclose campaign expenditures.
      The ALJ was somewhat acerbic in noting:
      “Specifically, given that the yard signs clearly amounted to express advocacy, the duty to report the expenditure to buy them should have been obvious. This fact, combined with Ms. Lewton’s history of untimely campaign finance reporting, suggests a certain amount of indifference on her part toward the Committee’s reporting obligations. A sanction of $1,000 is therefore warranted.”
      Final Agency Decision, case OS 2016-0016