Colorado Springs Senate candidate tied to campaign fine

[Article published in the Colorado Springs Gazette, 10/10/15]

Colorado Springs Senate candidate tied to campaign fine

DENVER – Bob Gardner, former state representative and a state Senate candidate, is tied to a $9,700 unpaid fine for a campaign finance violation. 

Matt Arnold, director of Campaign Integrity Watchdog, has filed a complaint in the 4th Judicial District to compel someone to pay the $9,700 fine.

“Bob Gardner and Sarah Jack are the two people who formed this organization,” said Arnold, whose company works on campaign issues and does consulting work for candidates. “His involvement goes far beyond him just being the hired lawyer. He was intimately involved in their activities and giving them advice to break the law.”

The Secretary of State’s Office said it doesn’t have any recourse against unpaid fines other than sending them to collections. In this case, there’s no one to collect against.

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Campaign Integrity Watchdog [comment on the article]

Bob Gardner and Sarah Jack continue to play fast and loose with the facts – as they have throughout the period of their dirty little committee’s existence. 

First, Sarah Jack is lying outright when she says that “the Alliance no longer exists” –
it remains an active political committee registered with the Secretary of State:

The organization remains active, and continues to receive and expend funds, in violation of campaign finance disclosure requirements.

Second, because the “Alliance” funds went into Sarah Jack’s personal bank account, and their activities funded from her personal bank account, she is PERSONALLY liable – she failed to make even a token attempt to legally establish legally separate accounts.

Both Sarah Jack and Bob Gardner will have their day in court – almost certainly, SEVERAL days in court – and the truth will out.

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